The contemporary world is constantly shaping us. It is shaping our work, life, passion, allowing us to create the reality around us. Facing the challenges of contemporary world 3D Printing technology gives immense possibilities to those who wish to create the present, thinking about the future.

VSHAPER GO is a perfect solution when embarking upon the adventure of 3D Printing. It’s the answer to the expectations of designers, creators, enthusiasts and companies implementing the use of 3D Printing technology. When creating VSHAPER GO our main focus was to shorten the path from user’s model to final print.

Simple use of the device together with an intuitive interface of SOFTSHAPER software allows the user to enjoy the print of simple prototypes, teaching aids and useful objects. The device prints in PLA. It is characterized by platform auto-leveling and automatic nozzle cleaning.

Workspace 215x215x200

Platform Auto-leveling

Automatic Nozzle Cleaning

PLA Printing

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