A flagship VERASHAPE product, dedicated for industrial prints with PLA, ABS, PMMA, PA, PET-G, HIPS, PVA and PC, characterized by high quality of finish.

The printer features closed chamber ensuring equal temperature distribution, heated build platform guarantees perfect first-layer adhesion and ventilation with carbon filter reducing the emission of harmful gas.  V-Port 2.0 extruder with a dock for two heads V-JET 2.0 will allow you to print with 0,2 up to 1,2 mm nozzles.. Stable construction ensures failure-free uninterrupted printing in industrial environment.
The users of VSHAPER 270 emphasize the importance of closed printing chamber which ensures equal material shrinkage for the entire object, reducing the risk of delamination and warping of three-dimensional print.

270x270x200 Build Volume

300°C Printing Temperature

Heated Table

Closed Chamber

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