Printing Service

At AM3D we produce an excellent printing service for the customer to meet their needs. With our high quality 3SP we can print models to a very high detail, and can also print in a variety of materials on our FDM printers. Being able to use additive manufacturing can assist your company in many ways, for example;

Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling is a process that uses prototyping along with traditional tooling techniques to create a mold or specific parts to a functioning model. Rapid tooling is commonly used as a bridge from design to production for injection molded parts.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping uses CAD to quickly fabricate scaled models. Additive manufacturing is mainly used to produce these prototypes. The main advantage to this process is that ability to see a solid product. The model can be adapted quickly to the customer’s specifications.

Rapid Manufacturing

Rapid manufacturing uses different techniques to create a solid working part. 3D printing has helped companies replace parts in a matter of days that would usually take weeks. These parts are used as temporary parts until the permanent part has been supplied. This enables companies to reduce the downtime of the machine.

Post Print Production

Post print production is used to give the print a better finish in most materials. We can use sand blasting to give the model a smoother matt finish. We are also able to give the product an acetone wash which gives that print a smooth finish and increases the strength of the product.