AM3D – Public Recognition

AM3D, once a pipe dream of founders Liam and Louis Monte, has grown to become a specialist in additive manufacturing. Following a recent appearance at The TCT exhibition in September which received a very positive response, AM3D have acquired local recognition in the North-East. North-East based publication The Chronicle recently caught up with the two to discuss how it has been thus far, as well as why they pursued the world of 3D Printing as their industry of choice. Speaking [...]

VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine Presented at Formnext 2017

On November 14th-17th 2017, the next edition of Formnext will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. During Formnext, cutting edge technology currently used by industries will be presented. Many of these will be presented for the first time, and, among such new solutions will be the 5-Axis VSHAPER 3D Printer, created by VERASHAPE with the support of the Polish National Research and Development Center. The VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine, developed by the VERASHAPE R&D department, will transform the way people think about [...]

Presenting VSHAPER at the TCT show

Over the course of the 26th– 28th of September, AM3D worked in partnership with VSHAPER to present its technology to the TCT exhibition in Birmingham, England. This is the largest event of its kind dedicated to 3D printing, and regularly features representatives from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. This year, for instance, featured a presentation from Simon Roberts, Chief Operations Officer at McLaren Racing. This was alongside representatives from a broad range of industries including the automotive industry, [...]

How 3D Printing Is Impacting The Automotive Industry

Additive manufacturing today plays a crucial role in production across numerous industries. From aerospace, to architecture, to consumer electronics, 3D printing is impacting the way entire industries look at manufacturing products. This is serving to not only revolutionize methods of production, but also the quality and performance of the products they produce. One industry that is experiencing this more than any is the automotive industry. An industry that throughout time has been considered the measuring stick of how far society [...]

BORG Automotive Case Study

Until recently, 3D printing technology has been perceived as nothing more than a technological novelty. Nowadays, not only is it receiving exposure at some of the largest trade fairs in the world, but it has since become an integral part of the manufacturing process across countless industries. BORG Automotive has recently become one of the leading companies to implement additive manufacturing as a key component of the production process. Based in Europe, BORG Automotive is a thriving enterprise in the [...]

5 Ways VSHAPER Is Revolutionising 3D Printing

Since its conception in the 1980’s, the 3D Printing, or additive manufacturing, industry has grown into an industrial juggernaut that is casting a shadow over traditional production line technologies. At the time of writing, its market size stands at over seven billion U.S. dollars and over the coming year is forecast to surpass the twelve billion U.S. dollar mark. Initially used for the production of prototypes, 3D Printing is now used worldwide for the production of parts and accessories across [...]

Design Network North

As a member of Design Network North we are part of a large network of design and technologically based companies. This gives us an experienced support unit to contact if there is anything that we need assistance with, ranging from Computer Aided Design to Artificial Intelligence, allowing us to always find the best 3D solution for our customer. We also provide our experience to this network and Design Network North trust that we can assist any of their partners when [...]

VSHAPER working with M.A.R.S

For two weeks, Rzepiennik Biskupi – home to the largest privately owned observatory in Poland – will become the focus of a major attempt to recreate the conditions of a mission to Mars. For 6 participants, life on Mars will move from theoretical possibility to reality thanks to the team running M.A.R.S (Modular Analogue Research Station).   The participants will test the potential effects on the space crew during missions, which, until now, have only been theoretical; undergoing psychological and sociological [...]

AM3D to be at TCT exhibition

AM3D are going to be at the TCT exhibition at the NEC on September 26th-28th as part of the VSHAPER company. We will be there to support VSHAPER at the exhibition described as a place that attracts a “crowd comprised of manufacturers, designers, business leaders, early adopters, innovators and investors to an event known worldwide for being the place where they can see tomorrow’s manufacturing technology today.” VSHAPER are planning on making some exciting announcements which could make a huge [...]

AM3D Becomes the UK Distributor of VSHAPER 3D Printers

The producer of VSHAPER 3D Printers has partnered with an English company called AM3D. VERASHAPE is continuing to spread with the addition of this new UK partner who is going to distribute VSHAPER solutions in the UK market. The VSHAPER team is continuously working on the development of international distribution network. With the cooperation of their European resellers the solutions offered by VERASHAPE are already available in the Dutch, Belgian and Czech markets, among others. According to analysts, the UK market [...]