Case Studies

Case study 2 – Replacement Arcade machine part

A common use for 3D printing is reverse engineering of obsolete parts, as it allows quick and cheap production of parts no longer commonly available. This was the case for a recent client of AM3D who was no longer able to source a necessary part for their arcade machines. The part was a small plastic key that fitted into a mechanical part of the machine. The part was a perfect size for 3D printing, but the first issue was deciding [...]

AM3D Case Study – Making Replacement Gears

3D printing is an ideal manufacturing method for making one off replacements, which was shown in a recent project where AM3D were able to redesign and 3D print a set of replacement gears for a vintage vending machine. AM3D were working with a client who was having issues with the Bevelled gears on his vending machine, which was due to the ratio being slightly incorrect causing the gears to grind down. Due to the age of the machine it was [...]

BORG Automotive Case Study

Until recently, 3D printing technology has been perceived as nothing more than a technological novelty. Nowadays, not only is it receiving exposure at some of the largest trade fairs in the world, but it has since become an integral part of the manufacturing process across countless industries. BORG Automotive has recently become one of the leading companies to implement additive manufacturing as a key component of the production process. Based in Europe, BORG Automotive is a thriving enterprise in the [...]