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Who is AM3D?

AM3D is the exclusive distributor for VSHAPER in the UK, selling a range of VSHAPER printers, materials and software. We will look at the best way additive manufacturing can support your needs and offer the best solution possible. This includes installation, training and support when necessary.

AM3D also offer an excellent service using our high quality VSHAPER 3D printers to print an extensive variation of materials including PEEK. Using additive manufacturing can assist your company in many ways such as rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling etc.

Who is VShaper?

Innovation, quality and constant strive for improvement are the corporate values that contribute to VSHAPER’s market success. The team comprises of energetic, success driven and passionate professionals. Their development, passion and enthusiasm give them the privilege of making their dreams come true. Dreams about market success, about transforming designs into real objects, about reality constrained only by their imagination as well as shaping the surrounding world – the dreams of VSHAPER and their clients.

The 3D printers offered feature patented technological solutions. They are suitable to be used in foundry, automotive, aerospace, education, design and medical sectors. Products are widely popular among customers in Poland, Germany and the USA. They are mainly used in the process of prototyping and small-lot production. The print precision and solid technical support provided from the moment of launching the device into the industrial environment is of great value.

VSHAPER are continuously working on the development of a distribution network conducting business discussions with potential resellers from around the world. The funding by The National Centre for Research and Development project called ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ gives them the possibility to create innovative solutions for 3D printing, ensuring stable development of product portfolios for their partners, which will attribute to their business growth in the future.

VSHAPER have 20 years of experience in implementing advanced CAD, CAM and CAE systems. They co-operate with leading producers of tools and machines. The mixture of experience and innovation lets us gaze into the future with courage and together with their partners shape the world around us.

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