Case study 2 – Replacement Arcade machine part

Case study 2 – Replacement Arcade machine part

A common use for 3D printing is reverse engineering of obsolete parts, as it allows quick and cheap production of parts no longer commonly available. This was the case for a recent client of AM3D who was no longer able to source a necessary part for their arcade machines. The part was a small plastic key that fitted into a mechanical part of the machine.

The part was a perfect size for 3D printing, but the first issue was deciding if it would be better to 3D scan the item or design the part on CAD to be optimised for 3D printing. AM3D decided to redraw the item on CAD as it allowed the item to be optimised to use less material in certain areas leading to lower costs.

The next area AM3D looked at was what material would be best to use. There were some test parts made in nylon but although this made the part very difficult for the part to break it also made the part very flexible which lead to the part not functioning as well. When printed in ABS the part had very similar properties to the original injection moulded part.

Thanks to 3D printing and designing for 3D printing AM3D were able to create a part for their client that was no longer available on the market and prevented them having to invest large amounts on new machines. They also now have a part which can easily be printed again whenever another one is needed.

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