AM3D – Public Recognition

AM3D – Public Recognition

AM3D, once a pipe dream of founders Liam and Louis Monte, has grown to become a specialist in additive manufacturing. Following a recent appearance at The TCT exhibition in September which received a very positive response, AM3D have acquired local recognition in the North-East.

North-East based publication The Chronicle recently caught up with the two to discuss how it has been thus far, as well as why they pursued the world of 3D Printing as their industry of choice. Speaking of the latter, co-founder Liam Monte revealed to The Chronicle in their article ‘Sibling 3D specialist AM3D aims to take business into another dimension’ that “We quickly realised that there are some serious opportunities in the market for a 3D printing business. We researched the industry, looked into the cost, drew up a business plan, and decided to make the move”. Noting as well that since then, they now “provide specialist 3D printing services, training and offer clients the option to purchase machines”.

It is not just The Chronicle, however, that have picked up on the exploits of AM3D. Make It Sunderland, who cover all things ground-breaking in the area, covered the work of the two brothers in their article ‘AM3D: Brothers with a brilliant business’.

With Make It Sunderland, the brothers discussed how it is running a business in the world of 3D Printing. Speaking of this, Liam Monte revealed that “The world of 3D printing is incredibly fast-moving, so we are working hard to keep the orders coming in while keeping up with the evolution of the tech”. As well as mentioning that “There is also the requirement for any young business to get word out there about what we’re doing and raise brand awareness – our aim is to become a staple of the industry both locally and nationally.”

Whilst discussing moving forward with the business, Louis Monte confessed to Make It Sunderland that “We are working towards expanding our portfolio of printers, which will allow us to develop our services and reach a wider range of clients”. Also noting that they are “keen to expand the team in the future, maybe taking on interns and apprentices to help us grow”.

The publications also spoke to Harry Trueman, The Deputy Leader of Sunderland City Council. Discussing the work of AM3D, Mr Trueman labelled them as “a brilliant start-up”, and that they are “providing services that fill a void in the market place”.

He went on to iterate that AM3D “is a business with real potential, and we are excited to see what the future will bring for this innovative and motivated duo”.

This recognition is just the latest in a series of exciting developments for AM3D. For information on any further appearances from AM3D or for more information on VSHAPER technology, click here.

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