Presenting VSHAPER at the TCT show

Presenting VSHAPER at the TCT show

Over the course of the 26th– 28th of September, AM3D worked in partnership with VSHAPER to present its technology to the TCT exhibition in Birmingham, England. This is the largest event of its kind dedicated to 3D printing, and regularly features representatives from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. This year, for instance, featured a presentation from Simon Roberts, Chief Operations Officer at McLaren Racing. This was alongside representatives from a broad range of industries including the automotive industry, aerospace, and software design. This gave AM3D the opportunity to communicate with industry experts on a recognised platform, and attest to the quality of VSHAPER technology to the impassioned crowd.

The Presentation

Company Director Liam Monte gave a presentation outlining the key features of VSHAPER’s 3D printers, thanks to the help of Colin Bennett from Flames a Mile High. During the presentation Liam discussed Fused Deposit Modelling and its many advantages over standard methods of production such as potential savings on costs and materials of up to 60%. The point was also raised that it is a single manufacturing process, with fewer complications and thus easier to use, especially for those who are new to 3D printing.

The presentation then touched on VSHAPER, their journey, and what separates VSHAPER technology from other 3D printers. Some of the points raised included how the cost efficiency makes it easier and more practical for manufacturers to produce prototypes, thus aiding the design process and contributing to an overall greater quality product. The presentation noted how the VSHAPER 3D printers were designed based on 20 years’ worth of experience in advanced CAD, CAM, and CAE software, as well as how VSHAPER had even received a grant from the EU to continue their research.

The Stand

As well as the presentation, AM3D helped to support VSHAPER on their stand, allowing people to witness the process first hand, and test the quality of the finished article for themselves. On display were the GO, 270 Double, the 450, Pro, and Med machines, as well as the presence of both company Directors to talk people through the process. This gave the public an opportunity to see the broad spectrum of VSHAPER products AM3D offer. This was received with great interest from a large portion of those in attendance, and created an intriguing dimension to AM3D’s overall presentation.

The TCT Show 2017 has since proved to be a valuable experience and a promising development as the AM3D brand continues to grow.

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