5 Ways VSHAPER Is Revolutionising 3D Printing

5 Ways VSHAPER Is Revolutionising 3D Printing

Since its conception in the 1980’s, the 3D Printing, or additive manufacturing, industry has grown into an industrial juggernaut that is casting a shadow over traditional production line technologies. At the time of writing, its market size stands at over seven billion U.S. dollars and over the coming year is forecast to surpass the twelve billion U.S. dollar mark.

Initially used for the production of prototypes, 3D Printing is now used worldwide for the production of parts and accessories across sectors such as education, the automotive industry, medicine, and even aerospace.

At the forefront of this lies VSHAPER, the manufacturer bringing 3D Printing to the masses. Here are five of the top ways VSHAPER is revolutionizing 3D Printing.


Polyether Ether Ketone (usually referred to as PEEK) is one of the most highly resistant thermoplastics in the world. Due to its ability to perform under the most challenging of conditions, PEEK is regarded as one of the most efficient materials used in additive manufacturing. With a density value of 1,26 g/cm3, PEEK possesses durability whilst also being malleable enough to provide maximum diversity. VSHAPER is one of a select few manufacturers to be able to print in this material. This is a much more cost-efficient way of using the material than alternatives, such as milling, due to the reduction in waste material.

Product Range

VSHAPER also offers one of the widest ranges of products currently on the market. Customers can choose the product that matches their own needs, instead of compromising for a printer that does not suit their requirements. Machines currently on offer include the VSHAPER Go, Pro, 270, 450, Med, and Custom printers designed around the needs of the user. The VSHAPER Custom can be equipped with features such as platform auto-levelling, cameras, and carbon filters for ventilation. So regardless of what your needs are, VSHAPER has a printer for you.


Boasting over 20 years’ worth of experience in implementing advanced CAD, CAM, and CAE systems, VSHAPER understand the craft of additive manufacturing. Speaking of the quality of VSHAPER technology, R&D Technologist at BORG Automotive Grzegorz Stepien testified that: “VSHAPER printers allow us to retain flexibility and independence. We can reduce the cost of production, which gives us an advantage over competition.” Without the knowledge of an experienced team it would simply be impossible to create a product that performs at this level of efficiency. Also, having persevered for so long, VSHAPER understand the additive manufacturing industry. This has allowed them to establish their position ahead of the curve and remain there as the industry moves forward.

International Acclaim

Over time, VSHAPER have established themselves as major players in the international market. The customer list includes people based in Europe, including countries such as Germany and Poland, all the way to the United States. Recently, the development of a project which pursues a ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ in association with The National Centre for Research and Development has opened the possibility to create new, innovative, solutions for 3D printing.

In addition, the work of VSHAPER has garnered interest from world-renowned media outlets including Forbes, Reseller News, and 3D Print.com.

Bringing The Product To You

One of the key ways VSHAPER is continuing to grow as an internationally recognised brand is because VSHAPER bring the product to you. With a website that boasts significant daily viewing figures and a support team that work around the clock, VSHAPER strike a perfect combination of inclusivity and exclusivity. To find out more about VSHAPER or to get in touch, click here.

From 26th-28th September 2017, AM3D will be bringing the exciting range of VSHAPER products to the TCT Show at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England. For information on how to reserve a place click here.

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